Celtic Music From Wales

Galw (Calling)

’Dwi eisiau rhywun i galw but there’s no one home
Ti wedi mynd o gartre so I’m all alone
Os wyt ti byth yn dod i’r wlad remember me
Os cofia di yr amser da then words are free

Gweld eisiau clywed swn dy lais and come what may
Byddai’n gweld dy wyneb yma though you’re far away
Mae gen i chwant i weld y byd I’ll jump a plane
A hedfan bell o Gymru fach and home again

I weld ti’n cerdded lawr y lôn one summer’s day
Yn meddwl mwy na unrhywbeth please come and stay
Mae gobaith newydd yn yr wlad so reason says
Bod cyfleoedd am bywyd da, some risks can pay

I want someone to call but there’s no one home
You’ve gone away so I’m all alone
If you ever come to the country remember me
If you remember the good time then words are free

I miss hearing the sound of your voice and come what may
I’ll see your face here though you’re far away
I want to see the world, I’ll jump a plane
And fly far from Wales and home again

To see you walking down the lane one summer’s day
(Would) mean more than anything, please come and stay
There’s new hope in the country so reason says
There are opportunities for a good life, some risks can pay

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