Celtic Music From Wales

Pais Dinogad (Dinogad's Smock)

The first four lines of a 6th century nursery rhyme written in the margin of Britain’s earliest heroic poem ‘Y Gododdin’ – it is a forerunner of the English ‘Bye Baby Bunting’. The second set of numbers, yan tan tether, is Cumbrian sheep counting. Cymraeg (Welsh) was spoken in Cumbria until the twelfth century and is still remembered in the way Cumbrian farmers used to count sheep. During the ‘Heroic Age’, much of the treasure of Welsh poetry was written in Cumbria and Strathclyde. We had intended that ‘Pais Dinogad’ would be the title of the album as it is a ‘speckled’ collection of songs connecting modern Cymru (Wales) and the ‘Hen Ogledd’ (Old North – the old territories which are now England) but it may have seemed rather obscure to some audiences, so we didn’t.

Pais Dinogad, fraith, fraith
O grwyn balaod ban wraith
Chwid! chwid! Chwidogaith
Gochanwn, gochenyn wythgaith

Un dau tri pedwar pump chwech saith wyth
Yan tan tether pedder pimp hither sether hother

Dinogad’s smock, speckled, speckled
I made it from martens’ skins
Wheet! Wheet! a-whistling
I would sing, eight slaves sang

One two three four five six seven eight
One two three four five six seven eight

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