Celtic Music From Wales

The Goshawk

Traditional Scottish border ballad, popular at the beginning of the 19th century.
Thanks to the great Dorset singer John Waltham for this version

Oh well is me my gay goshawk that you can speak and flee
For you shall carry a love letter to my sweetheart from me

You’ll go unto her father’s hall and light on a tree of ash
And ther you’ll sing a song of love as she comes from the mass

He flew and he lighted upon the ash, right on the topmost limb
And there he sang a song of love as she went out and in

He flew on up to her window, he closer to her drew
And there into her milk-white lap this bird his letter threw

Oh send your love a sign it read, as he sent you before
And tell him where he can meet you or he may live no more

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