Celtic Music From Wales

Felton Lonnen (Felton Lane)

Traditional dialect song from Northumbria.

A mother looks out for the errant child she was expecting toreturn home with the cattle (the ‘kye’). Here is the song in full from ‘Singing Hinnies – 20 favourite songs from the North east of England’

The kye’s come hyem, but Aa saw not me hinny
The kye’s come hyem, but Aa saw not me bairn
Aa’d rather loss aall the kye than loss me hinny
Aa’d rather loss aall the kye than loss me bairn
Fair faced is me hinny, his blue eyes are bonny
His hair in fair ringlets hangs sweet to me sight
So mount the old pony and gan an seek after him
Bring to his mammy her only delight

He’s always out roamin the lang summer’s day through
He’s always out roamin away from the farm
Hedges an’ ditches an’ valleys an’ fellside
Aa hope that me bairnie will come to no harm
Aa’ve searched in the meadow and in the four-acre
The stockyard and byre but nowt could Aa find
So off ye gan Daddy and bring back your laddie
And gie to his Mammy some peace to her mind

Well Aa rode doon the beck an alang the owld lonnen
As far as the sheep stell an up to Crag height
Aa searched all the way, but Aa still haven’t found him
But don’t you fret mother Aa’m sure he’s aalright
He could be in the woods after Robson’s horse chestnuts
Or pickin’ crab apples on Laidler’s Fell
Or mebbies he’s somewhere aboot in the buildings
He’d not leave without sayin’, you know very well.

Well look you here mother, we found the wee rascal
And you’ll never guess where the young devil got –
Asleep in Ben’s manger with Jess and her puppies
As safe and as snug as he does in his cot
He left aal the flowers he’d picked on the wallend
And the other treasures Aa found there as well
A dead butterfly and some pheasant’s tail feathers
Some purple sloe berries and a blackbird’s eggshell.

The kye’s come hyem, and Aa found me bit laddie
The kye’s come hyem, and Aa found me bit bairn
Thank goodness he’s safe, me wee precious jewel
Tucked up in the stable and come to nee hairm
Noo sit ye doon Daddy, tuck in to your supper
It’s your favourite bait, hot tatties and meat
And a bit for the bairn, to grow like his Daddy
Now me family’s safe and hyem for the neet.

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