Celtic Music From Wales

Dacw 'nghariad (There is my love)

Collected in 1908 in Whitchurch, Cardiff by Mrs. Mary Davies

Dacw nghariad lawr yn y berllan
O na bawn i yno fy hunan
Dacw’r ty a dacw’r sgubor
Dacw’r ddrws y beudy’n agor

Dacw’r dderwen wych ganghennog
Golwg arni sydd dra serchog
Mi arhosaf dan ei chysgod
Nes daw ‘nghariad, daw fy nghariad

Dacw’r delyn, dacw’r tannau
Beth wyf well heb neb i’w chwarae?
Dacw’r feinwen hoenus fanwl
Beth wyf nes heb gael ei meddwl?

There’s my love down in the orchard
Oh, how I wish I was there myself
There’s the house and there’s the barn
There’s the cowshed door open

There’s the great branchy oak
It’s got a pleasant look
I’ll wait in its shade
Until my love comes, my love comes

There’s the harp, there the strings
What am I with no one to play it?
There’s the lively, careful maiden
How much closer am I to winning her?

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