Celtic Music From Wales

Chwarae (Playing)

A tribute to the great 20th century Pembrokeshire poet Waldo Williams. The words describe children playing 'house' in the field and 'going to town' in the shed.

Pan fydd yr haul yn twynni
A’r gwynt heb chwythu’n gry
 Mair a fi a Deio bach
I’r cae i chwarae t?

Mae’r waliau’n rhes o gerrig
Mae’r llestri ar y seld
Bydd Mair yn feistres trwy’r p’nawn
A ninnau’n dod i’w gweld

Os daw ymlaen yn gawod
A ninnau’n yfed te
Rhaid rhedeg mewn i’r storws fach
A chwarae mynd i’r dre

Hen sach o flawd yw’r ceffyl
Fe fyddwn yno chwap
Bydd Mair yn gofyn ‘Siawns am lifft?’
Cyn dringo lan i’r trap

When the sun shines
And the wind utters not a cry
Mair and I and little Deio
Go to the field to play house

The walls are rows of stones
The dishes are on the dresser
Mair will be the mistress all afternoon
And we will go to visit her

If it comes on to rain
And we’re drinking tea
We must run into the little storehouse
And play ‘going to town’

An old sack of flour is the horse
We’ll be there in a jiffy
Mair will ask ‘Chance of a lift?’
Before climbing up onto the trap

Cold grief for Dafydd, skilled in song
The burying of Ifor in the earth
Paths where once there was singing
Are now the haunts of the owl

Despite the brief glory of lords
Their greatness and their walls end
Houses on the sand
Are a strange place for there to be pride

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