Adar Gwylltion

Adar Gwylltion

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  1. Sioned a Mamgu
  2. Cherries Sound Clip
  3. Llys Ifor Hael (The Court of Ivor the Generous)
  4. Iain's Reel
  5. Yr Adar Gwylltion (The Wild Birds)
  6. Jigiau naid: Cwrw Da, Facsen Felen, Bwced
  7. Llanw Chwant (Tide of Desire)
  8. En filant ma quenouille (Threading my spindle)
  9. Oer (Cold)
  10. Elen a’r Eos
  11. When he started the World
  12. Rheged
  13. Sept Marins (Seven Sailors)
  14. Breuddwyd (Dream)

Publisher: Recordiadau Taith Records


A poem by Janet Dubé

In eighteen hundred and ninety nine
Catrin’s life was on the line
Came fourteen and no work here
She left her home in Ynyshir
For English work in an English town  
And an English language, not her own

She got work as a scullery maid
Bleeding hands and not well paid
She got work as a kitchen maid
Fires and tables cleaned and laid
Learning her work by heart not book
She got work as a household cook

She got work as a soldier’s wife
Flood and babies were her life
Babies died but four kept living
God only knows what Gran was giving
Four grew fast but she was able
She put hot dinners on the table

She cleaned the house and cooked the food
And taught the children to be good

She went to chapel, cleaned the house
Used her vote and used her nouce

When the war came in due course
One got work in the Royal Air Force
Three were clerks and none were cooks
Gran took charge of the ration books
When the war died down again
Things got better, life was plain

All those years
All that life
A heart so strong
You’re a friend
You’re a mother
You’re a lover
You’re a wife

Then the children had their babies
Gran went cleaning for Chelsea ladies
Grandad died, she took a flat
And stuck red cherries in her hat

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