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  1. Dyma flwyddyn newydd etoSound Clip
  2. Y cadno a'r Ladi fawr benfelen
  3. Mari, Mari
  4. Parapet
  5. Gelynna
  6. Merch y Llyn
  7. He wishes for cloths of heaven (W B Yeats)
  8. Fwynlan o serch
  9. La bas dans la prairie
  10. Small victory
  11. Llongau Caernarfon
  12. Morforwyn
  13. No Language
  14. Dacw 'nghartref yn y golwg

Publisher: Recordiadau Taith Records

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Tracks: 14
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Track Length Price Buy
1 Dyma flwyddyn newydd eto 03:20 £0.79
2 Y cadno a'r Ladi fawr benfelen 04:09 £0.79
3 Mari, Mari 02:09 - n/a*
4 Parapet 04:12 £0.79
5 Gelynna 03:25 £0.79
6 Merch y Llyn 04:56 £0.79
7 He wishes for cloths of heaven (W B Yates) 04:57 £0.79
8 Fwynlan o serch 05:06 £0.79
9 La bas dans la prairie 03:13 £0.79
10 Small victory 04:45 £0.79
11 Llongau Caernarfon 04:01 £0.79
12 Morforwyn


13 No Language 04:08 £0.79
14 Dacw 'nghartref yn y golwg 00:54 - n/a*

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